RAY SMITH

"Ray makes everybody sound better" someone said recently about Ray's ability to accompany another artist and compliment them with his skills. He's also been referred to as a "Swiss Army Knife " in the studio where he Engineers, mixes and produces and plays many instruments.
On stage Ray comes alive with an energy guys half his age envy, always barefoot, always fun to watch and always something interesting on guitar or bass or...etc.
Ray is also a strong songwriter with songs that are compelling, romantic, funny and interesting. When he and his partner in life and music Cari Minor start playing and singing together ( Strangebyrds ) a chemical reaction occurs and it feels good and sounds great!
live shows

Flying Island #1 / 1975 Vanguard Records
                                                           available on ITunes
Flying Island #2 / 1976 Vanguard Records

Dance on a wire / 2000 solo / co produced played all instruments, engineered, mixed.

Lucky / 2002 Cari Minor and Ray Smith / co produced, co written, drums, bass, guitar, vocals, engineered, mixed.

Twisted Trees / 2005 (same as above)

Gorgeous Girls / 2006 Kathy Briggs / co produced, drums, bass guitar, pedal steel, harmonica, engineered, mixed.  www.kathybriggs.com

These Things Matter / 2006 John Erlandson / electric guitar. www.johnerlandson.com

Town of Confusion / 2006 Michael "Banker" Bank / co produced, drums, bass, guitar, pedal steel, harmonica, mixed.

Falling Down / 2007 Sunnie and Al Haeger / co produced, drums, bass, guitar, pedal steel, mixed.

One Drop of Water / 2007 Mercedes Dauphinas / drums, bass, guitar, pedal steel, mixed. www.mercesdesd.com

Window / 2008 Cari Minor solo / drums, bass, guitar, pedal steel, vocals, mixed. www.cariminor.com

Hush / 2009 James Moors / pedal steel www.jamesmoors.com

Tiny Diamonds / 2009 Scott Dale / a little guitar.   www.scottdalemusic.com

Tales of Hoffman / 2009 Steve Hoffman co produced, drums,
guitar, hammond organ, engineered, mixed.

Marvelous Adventure / 2010 MarySue and Cari Kids CD / co produced, engineered, drums, bass, guitar, bazooki, hammond organ, mixed.www.maysueandcari.com won the 2010 parents choice award!

The Peace Album / 2010 Michael "Banker" Bank / co produced, guitar, lap steel, hammond organ mixed.

Strangebyrds / 2011 Strangebyrds Cari Minor and Ray Smith,
co written, co produced, guitar, hammond organ, mixed.
was chosen by the marquee magazine as a "top ten local release of 2011"

When Heaven Meets Hell / 2012 Rebecca Abraxas / co produced, engineered, drums, bass, guitar, lap steel, hammond organ, bazooki. http://rebeccaabraxas.com/

The High Road / 2012 Kort McCumber Vocals, Bass, Harmonica,
Hammond Organ / Ian Morlock Drums / Ray Smith Vocals, Guitar, Hammond Organ, Engineered. www.highroadrockband.com

Muscle Shoals / 2013 Musical Score / Trailer
/ Premiering at The 2013 Sundance Film Festival

migration / 2013 Strangebyrds Cari Minor and Ray Smith co written, co produced, engineered, guitar etc. www.strangebyrds.com

Wind and Rayn
/ 2014 Win Ridabock and Ray Smith a collection
of instrumental music. listen or buy

Devils and Desires
/ 2015 Strangebyrds Cari Minor and Ray Smith, Produced by Moors and McCumber and Strangebyrds
ray@raysmithland.com / 303-258-7470
  the studio